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Paramedical Tattoo Oahu Scalp Micropigmentation, Microblading, and More!

What Our Clients Say

Best Scalp Micropigmentation Review | Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii | YAMA Studios

Wow ..there is so much I could say… so I will start off by say Awesome Experience!!!

Thank you so much to YAMA Studios. The entire staff are extremely humble, down to earth, and truly take the time to ensure the customer is well informed and comfortable through the entire process. Had my first session done and I am amazed how it turned out!

I feel like a new person. This procedure literally gave me a few years back, got me feeling like I am 25 again.

I highly recommend this procedure to anyone experiencing hair loss and thinking about it, especially my military guys, I promise you guys will be the standard after getting this done!!

Again thanks to the entire team over at YAMA Studios , you guys are true professionals and remarkable individuals God Bless you all. Thanks for taking care of me I am truly grateful!!!

Scalp micropigmentation front view of client after SMP. Full hairline reconstruction and buzzed hair look at YAMA Studios on Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Great costumer service, very informative and also a pleasant experience.

Highly recommend YAMA Studios.

All my questions were answered with detail and the whole process went smooth.

Scalp micropigmentation client after final treatment of SMP. Full buzzed head reconstruction at YAMA Studios on Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Jaran H

Hannah did an amazing job throughout the whole process from the beginning till the end! She is so knowledgeable with which technique would work best with my lifestyle (gym rat always sweating haha). Not only that, she made the whole process relaxing and let me know what to expect with each step. I like that she asked me if there were brows that I liked so that she could have a reference (which I didn’t have, but if you got one show her!). 

So bottom line….if you’re looking for someone whose does amazing work and will make the process effortless and enjoyable for you, I would book an appointment with her!!

Blade and Shade Combination Eyebrows in Honolulu, HI Satisfied Happy Client at YAMA Studios
Kym K


Scalp Micropigmentation

Custom non-surgical hair loss solution that uses hair follicle tattoo to reconstruct hairlines and make hair look thicker and denser.


Individualized microblading, ombre, or combination brows measured and mapped to fit your unique face and look.


Enhances your lashes, making them look thicker and healthier, and your eyes more open and youthful.


Natural shading that can balance lip symmetry and give the appearance of larger, healthier, more youthful lips.
Scalp micropigmentation and microblading practitioner, Hannah Maruyama, located on Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Scalp Micropigmentation FAQs

Microblading FAQs

Save Time Everyday

Scalp micropigmentation and microblading will allow you to always be ready. Saving you hours every year!

Come In After Work

Open until 11 pm everydayto work around your busy schedule.

We're Right Down The Street

Located in Honolulu, HI.

YAMA Studios is right in the heart of Kapahulu.

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Makeup doesn’t have to be a daily routine!
Forget powders, stencils, and accidentally rubbing a brow off. And start feeling put together with full, healthy-looking brows.
Cosmetic tattoo is the future of makeup.
It’s like hiring a makeup artist every day!
Easy, waterproof, smudge-proof.
In this book, Hannah Maruyama will tell you everything you need to know to make the right decision for your personal semi permanent makeup journey.
Before the Blade is the ultimate break down to microblading and cosmetic tattoo procedures:
This step-by-step guide to scalp micropigmentation lays out:
  • What exactly microblading and cosmetic tattoo are
  • What a microblading appointment looks like from beginning to end
  • What you can expect for short term and long term maintenance
  • Comprehensive details on the ever-evolving cosmetic and semi permanent makeup options
Read this book before you tattoo!
If you are curious or considering microblading or semi permanent makeup, you need to read this book!
Hannah Maruyama, author of Before the Blade What You Need to Know Before Getting Microblading or Semi Permanent Makeup