Does Biotin Stop My Hair From Falling Out? 

The answer to this question is not really,  and I’m about to explain to you why that is. So biotin does not make your hair grow.

It does strengthen the quality of the hair, but it’s not going to create new hair follicles.  

What it does is if you are biotin deficient, which not that many people are, but if you’re biotin deficient and you take it, then maybe it will help you a little bit. But biotin, by and large, what it does is it makes your actual hair shaft stronger. It doesn’t actually help you grow more hair. So taking biotin every day is not actually going to create more hair follicles or new growth, especially if used topically. 

Is biotin-infused shampoo effective? 

Maybe. But it’s probably so nominal that it’s not even worth what you’re paying to buy the biotin shampoo. So it’s just something to take into account if you’re spending quite a bit of money on a topical biotin shampoo that is not going to be extremely effective, you might as well just use a regular shampoo and save the 20, 40, 60 bucks that you’re paying for the biotin-infused shampoo. 

Biotin helps with hair quality, not with hair quantity 

So biotin will give you nicer hair shafts that will make them a little bit stronger. But by and large, it’s not going to help you grow more hair follicles. It will not produce more hair. So that’s my main bone to pick with biotin.

Oftentimes with products, It’s marketed as something that will create more hair follicles. That’s the only thing that creates more hair is creating more hair follicles that are producing new hair. But biotin does not do that. 

Are there other supplements that can help with hair regrowth? 

The only one that has shown to make any dent in hair follicle growth or encouraging the growth of old or damaged follicles is Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto is a good thing for you to look into, do some research. 

There can be side effects, but the thing is, they’re a lot less than any sort of hairless drug, and they do essentially the same thing. So what Saw Palmetto does is it was originally used to help with prostate health, which is the same use as some of the original hair loss drugs like finasteride. So in theory, what Saw Palmetto does is it prevents testosterone from converting to DHT, which is dihydrotestosterone, and what that does is it supposedly it will help reduce how much hair you’re losing, and it can potentially help regrow a little bit of it nowhere near as much as finasteride or minoxidil, but it can encourage hair growth. 

That is the only supplement that has even a hint really, of creating or salvaging damaged follicles or dormant follicles. So I would say that that’s something to look into, something to ask your doctor about, see if it interacts with the other medications if you’re taking any. 


Biotin is not going to help you grow more hair. It may help you grow better hair, but it will not help you grow more hair. So if you’re experiencing a lot of breakages and you go and get tested and you see you have a biotin deficiency, absolutely. But taking biotin topically is not going to make a difference, not a noticeable one anyway, and then biotin is not going to help you regrow hair or keep hair follicles that are currently in the process of dying. 

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