7 Things You Need to Do After Microblading

7 things you absolutely need to do after having microblading or semi permanent makeup

  1. Do change your pillowcase after your microblading appointment – every day or two during the healing process. It keeps bacteria from building up and getting into your open brows.

  2. Do wash your brows gently with soap and water twice a day. Tiny amount of soap, small amount of water with clean fingers. Dry with a tissue or something without lint so it doesn’t get caught in your brows.

  3. Do take short showers. The steam from the shower isn’t great for the pigment. Keep your face out of the direct shower stream as much as possible.

  4. Do put on a hat and sunglasses when going outside during the healing process. Keep the sun off your face; your brows will heal stronger and be more vibrant. (This is just a good life tip too.)

  5. Do put on sunscreen after the healing process is over. Using a high SPF sunscreen will lengthen the life of your semi permanent makeup.

  6. Do avoid the gym during healing so you don’t expose your brows to bacteria. Gyms are great and all, but sometimes there is nasty stuff like staph or MRSA that you do not want to get in your unhealed brows.

  7. Do get new makeup. Brow pencil, powder, even concealer if you have it near your brows frequently. As a side note, concealer is typically used for pimples or zits, so when applying concealer in general, swipe a clean finger or brush on your concealer and then apply to your face. Don’t apply it directly on your face or you are just rubbing bacteria around. Which is gross. Your old makeup is full of nasty stuff and you don’t want it near your face, so replace it.